What are we doing?

BDAresearch is about identifying problems or prominent spots within operational activity of gambling operators through statistical analysis of data and experts vision.

How is this achieved?

We carefully process data, identify relevant metrics and build proven models that visually represent potential to mitigate existing problems or enable our clients to improve their service offering.

Who we are

We are team of ambitious people with agile state of mind and firm belief that we can make gambling more safe and fun.

Services at glance


Our company assists online poker operators to prevent cheating and provide a safe environment for all players.

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Responsible Gambling

Gambling industry slowly transforms from retroactive approach to address adverse effects of problem gambling and we can help!

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We developed advanced algorithms to effectively identify relevant patterns for poker and casino analytics is our next step.

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Our vast experience with identification of different forms of cheating in poker could be applied to spot irregular patterns of betting.

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